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September 19, 2018

A-ISAC Summit 2018 Cyber Challenge

A-ISAC Cyber Challenge was based on aviation hacking on airplanes. Finding encrypted data on emails and finding secret flags on embedded images.



February 2, 2019

BSides Tampa CTF

BSides Tampa is based on HackTheBox challenges by solving boxes. One flag was based on exploiting the Heartbleed vulnerability and another flag was based on port-knocking open ports on a web host.

BSides Tampa


March 30, 2019

BSides Orlando CTF

Sunshine CTF is a an entry-level WRESTLING THEMED CTF built by Hack@UCF for B-Sides Orlando. Challenge areas include reverse engineering, web security, cryptography, pwn, forensics, and miscellaneous.

BSides Orlando


July - October 2018

Secure Set CTF

Secure Set CTF is a great way to start your real-life hacking skills to the test in a safe and controlled environment. If you get stumped, the academy staff can answer any questions you have.

Secure Set


October 11, 2018

Cyber Florida Duel Factor CTF 2018

Duel Factor CTF allows to test your skills across a range of systems as you explore the virtual city of Sunnyville, traversing a series of challenges to find and capture flags hidden throughout the city’s network infrastructure.

Cyber Florida


October 27, 2018

Raymond James CTF 2018

Raymond James CTF is one of the biggest CTF competitions in the state of Florida. You compete against the best schools to solve difficult challenges that requires knowledge of networking, programming and security principles

Raymond James

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